In Situ Measurement of Rat Latissimus Dorsi (LD) Force

David Remer and Amanda Meppelink

After performing a muscle implant in an experimental animal, efficacy of the implant needs to be tested at set durations. Conventionally, we have entirely removed the muscle at the predetermined timepoint and utilized the DMT organ bath system to measure the active muscle force. While producing consistent results, this in-vitro measurement does not fully capture normal muscle function. Thus, we have developed a piece of equipment capable of performing in situ measurements of the rat LD in an environment as close to native as possible. In addition, muscle stimulation is actuated solely by the main motor nerve feeding into the LD. This equipment is based on a design by Dr. Thomas Walters (AFIRM). We are currently in the process of quantifying the differences between our in vitro and in situ methods of measurement.