Principal Investigator

George J. Christ, Ph.D.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery
Mary Muilenburg Stamp Professor of Orthopaedic Research

Director of Basic and Translational Research in Orthopaedic Surgery
Head, Laboratory of Regenerative Therapeutics

Ph.D., Wake Forest University, 1987

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Lab Members

<center>Poonam Sharma, Ph.D</center>

Poonam Sharma, Ph.D

Lab Manager
<center>Areli Rodriguez</center>

Areli Rodriguez

Ph.D. Candidate (Joined Fall 2017)
<center>Michael Rariden</center>

Michael Rariden

Ph.D. Candidate (Joined Fall 2019)

<center>Olivia Sergent</center>

Olivia Sergent

Ph.D. Candidate (Joined Fall 2019)
<center>Sydney Shriver</center>

Sydney Shriver

Ph.D. Candidate (Joined Fall 2020)
<center>Christian Tessman</center>

Christian Tessman

Ph.D. Candidate (Joined Fall 2021)
<center>Megan Lobdell</center>

Megan Lobdell

Ph.D. Student (Joined Fall 2022)
<center>Andy Vo</center>

Andy Vo

MSTP Student (Joined Spring 2023)

Kira Bourret

Masters Student (Joined Fall 2023)


<center>Rachel Bour, Ph.D. </center>

Rachel Bour, Ph.D.

Graduated 2023
<center>Sarah Dyer, Ph.D. </center>

Sarah Dyer, Ph.D.

Graduated 2023

Jonathan Turner, Ph.D.

Graduated 2022
<center>Ivan Basurto, Ph.D. </center>

Ivan Basurto, Ph.D.

Graduated 2022
<center>Jack Dienes, Ph.D. </center>

Jack Dienes, Ph.D.

Graduated 2020
<center>Amanda Westman, Ph.D. </center>

Amanda Westman, Ph.D.

Graduated 2020
<center>Ellen Landeck Mintz, Ph.D. </center>

Ellen Landeck Mintz, Ph.D.

Graduated 2019
<center>Juliana Amaral Passipieri, Ph.D. </center>

Juliana Amaral Passipieri, Ph.D.

<center>Dan Lovell</center>

Dan Lovell

<center>Kyle Martin</center>

Kyle Martin

<center>Joshua Remer</center>

Joshua Remer

<center>Kimberly Smith</center>

Kimberly Smith